As human beings we have the unlimited capacity to Love. In our deepest understanding, the Essence of our being is truly Love. There is no darkness, there is no sin, there is no evil, those are ideas that have been propagated by those who did not understand Who-We-Are. We are the Infinite Light of the world, the untouched perfection of Divinity. You have the choice. The choice to remember that you are the embodiment of the Divine Principle and express Love, to embody your highest knowing in each moment…or the choice to forget Who-You-Are, to believe that you are a sinner, that humans are inherently evil, and that you are unworthy. Our capacity to Love is far deeper than our ability to fear, because innately we are Love. Give your Essence to the animals, the plants, your brothers and sisters, to Gaia…it is needed, YOU are needed!!!

Zach IAM


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