I want to start this post by saying that many of you may not agree with what I am about to write, but this is something that I feel is necessary.

Just now, I watched a music video…Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Then I watched Justin Timberlake’s video, “Tunnel Vision.” These videos have taken quite a lot of heat for having topless women in them, which I understand. Robin Thicke’s video of women blatantly prancing around topless seems to depreciate women. However, as I watched Justin Timberlake’s video I found something else emanating from that video and that is what I would like to write about tonight…

In this new age of the feminine energies rising up, balancing the masculine, it is still apparent that many women are stuck in their past ways of mental conditioning. They still take offense to the fact that women are being “sexualized” on TV and videos such as the ones I’ve mentioned. Yes, this is still the cases in some instances. Yet, when David Beckham is naked with very little underwear on, women have no complaints. Likewise, when “True Blood” male characters are seen completely nude, full frontal nudity, women are ecstatic to have seen such a feat.

I myself, am not a women in this incarnation. I am a man, with predominantly masculine energies. I have been female incarnations in past lives, but here, now, I embody a more masculine essence. This post is not an attack, but something to cultivate questioning…

My dear sisters, why do you take offense to your form? Why is it offensive, and collectively offensive, to show the female form in all of its glory to the world? I will hear many say that it is because men will abuse that form and not appreciate it. That sexualizing women is inappropriate and causes men to look at women as objects. That sexualizing women leads to rape and other horrendous acts perpetuated by men. All of these answers have a strong validity to them and I agree. But does not this “feminist” attitude of almost being ashamed of displaying the perfection that is the Goddess incarnate, contradict the ability to establish the Goddess fully within your being and consciousness?

I would like to do an exercise with my sisters for just a minute. As soon as you read this please do this visualization and then comment to let me know what you experienced…
Close your eyes. I want you to imagine that you are the Goddess, the embodiment of Love, sensuality, ecstasy, wisdom, healing, the totality of all life, creation. Imagine that you fully embody all of these characteristics and walk. Walk amongst a garden of flowers, the pickles of grass beneath your feet, the smell of dew in the morning air, and FEEL what your body feels like. Experience the sensations in your body. The grounded nature of your feet in contact with Mother Earth, honoring all of her creative and nurturing abilities that are within you. Feeling the sacred sensuality that Aphrodite has bestowed within your deepest heart. The wisdom of all the healers that have come before you, embedded within your cells. Now touch your skin with that presence. Glide your fingertips against your skin feeling the pulsing vibrations of Life. How do you feel? Do you feel that you are the life-giving energy to the masculine. Do you feel that your clothing enhances your beauty or restricts the glory emanating from each cell of your body. Are you ashamed of the beauty that you possess or are you freely open, fully open?

You see my sisters, this is who you are. This is why you chose as a feminine form, with a feminine essence, to come forth into this earth experience. The Goddess honors her Self. She is open fully to giving her Love, her nurturing, her sensuality, because she realizes that she is the life-giving force behind all creation. From her comes the inspiration that the masculine seeks. From her comes the nourishment of Truth. From her comes the ecstasy that no masculine can ever comprehend, yet feels fully.

James Brown was wrong when he said it is a man’s world. This is fully, and has always been, a women’s world. My sisters, I am not saying to go forth in public fully nude and flaunt your body. What I do say though is that you have come forth to embody the Goddess, and the Goddess is not ashamed of her form. She celebrates her beauty, she knows that her outward form is a representation of within. She walks with an openness honoring her brothers and sisters, her children, nourishing them with her life-giving Love in every aspect of life. She moves with a grace and sensuality that can only be recognized as Divinity incarnate. The masculine bows to her and she demands that her God rise up to meet her glory. The Goddess demands of her God, nothing other than respect and Presence.

However, my dear sisters if you do not respect yourselves, and your forms, nor respect your sisters who are expressing their aspects of the Goddess, the majority will continue to believe that it is a man’s world.

Do I agree with women being naked on music videos? In most cases, no. Because women are being demeaned, they are looked at as objects rather than Goddesses. However, as I watch Justin Timberlake’s video I do agree with it. These women are celebrating their sensuality. They are embracing their Goddess as best they know how and it moves across the screen. Hiding the feminine form is just as bad as hiding the masculine form. We hide behind our clothing just as we hide behind our hearts.

Am I suggesting we all become nudists, no. Am I suggesting that we look deeper within ourselves and let our walls be broken down, yes. Am I suggesting that the female form receive more praise for its beauty, no matter what shape, color, and size it is, yes. Am I suggesting that in order to break down thousands of years of collective pain-bodies we must celebrate who we are internally and let that shine forth externally, you bet ya! Am I suggesting that my sisters embody their Goddess fully and let that shine forth, no matter if they have clothing on or off, 100% yes! Am I suggesting that as women demand that their masculine counterpoint embody his God, it will collectively cause men to rise up to meet them, Uh huh!! And am I suggesting that all women are the most beauty-full embodiment of the Goddess and they should remember that, of course!

If the media shows your sister, in her naked form, celebrate that, don’t sexualize it. Don’t succumb to the media’s idea that being naked means being sexual. Being naked is an open expression of the inner Goddess. You don’t have to wear clothing to be respected, you have to embody your inner Truth and therefore DEMAND respect through your essence. Celebrate who you are my sisters! Celebrate your inner Goddess, bring her forth, so that whether you are wearing a business suit or completely nude, others bow to your glory. You are truly Divine, you can be nothing else. And support each of your sisters celebrating their Goddess as well. I know that I always will.

All My Love,
Zach IAM



      1. The idea of being free with your body…as far as nudity comes into play…I have commented to my husband about how women were more free in ancient tribal communities before the invention of bras…and no perversion

  1. Nowadays too many perverts and sexual predators….even though I think this is partially due to sexual and emotional suppression….what’s funny is that even though sexuality seems more open today it is really more repressed then ever….that’s way like a pendulum you see so many extremes….celebrities nuns….to sex addicts…

  2. Also not to mention the harsh judgements and standards placed on women’s bodies…very yanged out energy…not enough love and acceptance….but we are evolving to be more balanced…

    1. Absolutely agree once more! But does society’s influence affect you fully embodying your Divine Feminine essence? I just posted a new blog/video explaining this and I hope you take a few minutes to watch it πŸ™‚ It might explain a few things πŸ™‚ I love your comments though! Thank you!! ❀

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