How To Overcome Male Sexual Performance Anxiety (Sacred Sexuality) [Video]


How To Overcome Male Sexual Performance Anxiety (Sacred Sexuality) [Video]


Hey guys (and gals if you’re watching),

I want to share how to overcome male sexual performance anxiety though practices that I have engaged in. I noticed how difficult it was for me to let go and be present in the moment, and sometimes still happens, when I first started having sex and wanted to share some things that have helped me immensely. I hope they help you too!

Also, I did not discuss fear of penis size or fear of the ability to perform adequately which can further performance anxiety. However, the principles that I discuss in the video can help with both of those reasons for performance anxiety.

Let me know what things you have done to overcome your performance anxiety!!

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So I just read an article regarding the top 5 tips to be a women’s best lover everrrrr! The tips made me think of a few things and here is what came to mind.

First, sex is a way to express the internal feelings we have for our partner. Sex, in and of itself, is a way to BE with someone in the most vulnerable way possible and trust them fully and exchange a part of yourselves. The very act of sex is simply to express the passion and connection we feel with our partner and to allow that to flow through us, uninhibited, and connect with that person.

Second, there is nothing cool about being the best lover ever if ultimately you are aiming to achieve that label in order to fill an already existing void within the depths of your being. Being the best lover ever means nothing to your soul if you are unable to connect with that person on a level that goes beyond what you can see and into the depths of what you feel.

Lastly, and most important, there is so much damn pressure about sex, and so many tips from this person and that person, and everything else that goes along with it that we all just need to chill the heck out! You know what makes you a great lover?! Being able to feel the heart of the person in front of you! Being able to be free with the person who makes you smile and laugh and worry and that you love unconditionally! We all want to be the best lover possible because we are afraid to accept that we just might be average. We might not look the best naked, we may not have the sought after parts, we may not move our hips the most desirably, but all that is just bullshit! The most sought after part is your heart, the heart that no matter how scared you get, will always connect with the person you’re making love with.

There is so much crap that we’ve heard and read and although those people have been well meaning, did any of them say, “Make sure to engage in sex only when you feel you have the trust and respect for the person you are experiencing it with,” more than likely not. See, sex truly is such a natural thing, but our minds get in the way. We think we need to do this, or be that, or pull out this move or that move, or…….it’s all really so easy.

It’s easy because sex is about partnership, it’s about connection. Does partnership require communication? Yes. Does partnership require respect? Yes. Does partnership require openness? Yes. Does partnership require fun? Yes. If those things are present in you and your partner’s sex, then you ARE the best lover ever! You are the best lover because you are present and open to your lovers suggestions, you are open to talking about sex and trying new things, you are comfortable enough to be present with that person and dissolving into infinity. If you want to be the best lover ever, save your love for the person who brings you closest to Source Consciousness, then there will be no questions!

All my Love,



Do you know why I call you Goddesses? Because that is what each and every one of you who reads this ARE! You are a Divine Extension of the Infinite Mother, but you don’t know that! You refuse to accept your perfection, you somehow think you are less than what you are! You are afraid to accept the fact that Infinite Power lies latent within you waiting for your recognition and acceptance of it’s Presence.

And what does that cause? It causes weakness! It causes craving! It causes attachment!! It causes you to look for others to satisfy the need to feel worthy. It causes you to look for a man that makes you feel special. It makes you crave the presence of another to say nice things, and treat you a certain way, and as soon as he deviates from the pattern of making you special you suffer! “If only he would keep calling me beautiful?” Pouty face. “If only he would kiss me like he used to!” Sad face. “If only he noticed me and would give me his attention.” Frowny face.

You refuse to accept yourself as beauty-full, you refuse to accept that you are complete, you refuse to love yourself completely because you think you need a man to fulfill you that acts a certain way, talks a certain way, walks a certain way, blah blah blah blah blah!

And the kicker is that you accept a man that is not full in his presence! You continually choose men that are lost, that are scared, that are fragile! And because of what the romance movies and books and all the bullshit that the media has told you, you somehow think that you will be the one who will help him, when he doesn’t want to be helped! You think that somehow his unreconition of his Divinity is means for you to jump in and show him the way, when all along he was never ready.

In your misunderstanding of your own Divinity you attract a man with his own lack of recognition. You are now two halves of two wholes. In order to enter into complete union in a romantic relationship you must be 2 wholes of two wholes which can then unite into the Infinite Whole.

But it all starts within your Self! You can no longer look for your beauty outside of your self, you must look within. You must walk in your Divine Presence and a man in his Presence will match you. Are you okay with settling continually for weak men that do what they want with you and throw you back? Men that say and act a certain way and all the while something seems missing within yourself? Men that refuse to acknowledge your Divinity?

You see sisters, these men have no power over you, and they will never make you feel a certain way. In understanding that your emotions can come in response to a man’s words towards you, you can just as easily tell yourselves that. No man will ever satisfy the hunger for Eternal depths that you seek if he does not even know who he is, and more so, if you refuse to accept who you are. You are all that matters in your reality. Your emotions belong simply to you! Your thoughts belong simply to you! You have control over those thoughts always! It is up to you!

Recognize your Goddess Presence sisters, know who you are, refuse to accept a man that is anything less than in his Divine Presence, and watch your world transform! It is always up to you!

All My Love,
Zach IAM