So I just read an article regarding the top 5 tips to be a women’s best lover everrrrr! The tips made me think of a few things and here is what came to mind.

First, sex is a way to express the internal feelings we have for our partner. Sex, in and of itself, is a way to BE with someone in the most vulnerable way possible and trust them fully and exchange a part of yourselves. The very act of sex is simply to express the passion and connection we feel with our partner and to allow that to flow through us, uninhibited, and connect with that person.

Second, there is nothing cool about being the best lover ever if ultimately you are aiming to achieve that label in order to fill an already existing void within the depths of your being. Being the best lover ever means nothing to your soul if you are unable to connect with that person on a level that goes beyond what you can see and into the depths of what you feel.

Lastly, and most important, there is so much damn pressure about sex, and so many tips from this person and that person, and everything else that goes along with it that we all just need to chill the heck out! You know what makes you a great lover?! Being able to feel the heart of the person in front of you! Being able to be free with the person who makes you smile and laugh and worry and that you love unconditionally! We all want to be the best lover possible because we are afraid to accept that we just might be average. We might not look the best naked, we may not have the sought after parts, we may not move our hips the most desirably, but all that is just bullshit! The most sought after part is your heart, the heart that no matter how scared you get, will always connect with the person you’re making love with.

There is so much crap that we’ve heard and read and although those people have been well meaning, did any of them say, “Make sure to engage in sex only when you feel you have the trust and respect for the person you are experiencing it with,” more than likely not. See, sex truly is such a natural thing, but our minds get in the way. We think we need to do this, or be that, or pull out this move or that move, or…….it’s all really so easy.

It’s easy because sex is about partnership, it’s about connection. Does partnership require communication? Yes. Does partnership require respect? Yes. Does partnership require openness? Yes. Does partnership require fun? Yes. If those things are present in you and your partner’s sex, then you ARE the best lover ever! You are the best lover because you are present and open to your lovers suggestions, you are open to talking about sex and trying new things, you are comfortable enough to be present with that person and dissolving into infinity. If you want to be the best lover ever, save your love for the person who brings you closest to Source Consciousness, then there will be no questions!

All my Love,



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