2 thoughts on “Why Should I Meditate?

  1. I personally believe that the people who are seeking their why to meditate elsewhere are defeating the very purpose itself. Meditation is something that you want to do naturally, that you just feel like doing. If you need a reason to do it, i don’t know if that still remains meditation. 🙂

    1. I agree with you 🙂 But sometimes people are unsure what meditation actually is, and don’t know why they should meditate. They have heard of others doing it but don’t understand why it is beneficial 🙂 I know that I started meditating because I wanted to let go and allow life to be, and as I progressed in my practice I realized that meditation can help me understand so much more about my Self so now I have a different “why” as to the reason I meditate. 🙂 A friendly question…what is the reason you meditate? 🙂

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