I just got done watching a few videos from the show “What Would You Do?” with my amazing brothers Nayte and Jacob. We watched videos regarding scenarios of gay actors being ridiculed and berated by other actors, and seeing if unknown patrons would intervene. While I watched these scenarios, I was at times uplifted and other times struck with dismay.

I watched as real people brushed off the fact that they were witnessing human beings being ridiculed because of their preference for a romantic partner. I also watched individuals stand up and demonstrate immense compassion and strength for those being berated. Now this is what I want to say…

If you actually believe that being gay is wrong, then YOU are wrong!!! You are completely inundated and brain-washed by societal beliefs and religious beliefs that are completely distracting you from the beauty of loving ALL beings no matter what! If you truly believe that a man (Jesus), who told you to love thy brother as thy self, instead told you to ridicule those who are gay, then you need to reassess your whole life.

Usually, those you read my posts know me as the compassionate one, and saying how everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, which you are, but this time I refuse to take a chill pill. If you even dare try to quote the old testament telling me that man shall not lay with another man, then scroll over one book and tell me that women who are not virgins before marriage need to be stoned to death on their porch. Don’t you dare tell me that Jesus, a man who realized the innate Divinity within ALL beings, said to just “tolerate” someone for their innate preferences! Don’t you dare tell me that a man who hung out with the theif’s and prostitutes and criminals said to stand by and allow your brother or sister to be condemned for their feelings!

If you actually believe that being gay is wrong, then YOU are wrong!! Our brother Jesus said to love with all thy heart, with all thy might! He did not say to question someone’s worth based on their sexual orientation, he said to LOVE damn it!!! He said to look beyond the eyes, to look beyond the vessel, and to see the depths of your brother’s and sister’s soul!! See them for who they are…GOD…and LOVE them unconditionally!! UNCONDITIONALLY!!! That means without condition!!! No matter what!! It does not mean to tolerate…it means to LOVE!!! To FUCKING LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!!

Being gay is MORE than okay!! Being gay is perfect, beauty-full, magnificent, Divine!!! It does not matter what someone is, because who they are will never change! What they are comes in tiny comparison to who they are…the Perfect manifestation of the living Spirit!
Being gay is so fantastic!!! My brother is very gay and I love him so much because he is perfect EXACTLY how he is!!! A book written and re-written by men thousands of years ago does not hold the power over the guidance of your heart! If you really think being gay is wrong, you better
start questioning your thoughts because trust me, I’ve seen what it looks like when you die, and you are going to be very surprised at the ignorance you portrayed because some pasty white men wrote a book a long ass time ago!!

And lastly, we all need to start taking responsibility!! We need to take responsibility for each other! When somebody is being teased, or ridiculed, or abused in any way it is our RESPONSIBILITY as brothers and sisters of the One Living Presence to support each other!! It is our responsibility to make our voices heard so that we may banish the darkness from the hearts of others. We must emanate our Light in every area of our life and especially when we see an injustice occurring!! If you ever see someone being teased or bullied for being who they are, stand your mother fucking ass up and make your voice heard!! Make sure the world knows that you will no longer stand for such injustice of any creature of the Divine, and make sure that your brother or sister knows you love him/her for exactly who they are! Support your soul family!!!

This is the only way we can heal!! Forget what you’ve been told and what others have said to you your whole life! Go within the depths of your heart, seek your wisdom there! And when you feel, truly feel you have found your answer, go out and live your Truth, share your wisdom. Bullying, teasing, judging is not wisdom, it is ignorance! It is the very thing our brother Jesus told us to eliminate from our lives. To eliminate the need for self-righteousness, the need to judge others, and to seek the sacred wisdom within the depths of our soul!

This was not my most eloquent post, was I judging staunch Christians and other religions? You bet your sweet ass I was! Do I want you to take what I’ve written into consideration and practice? You bet your sweet ass I do! Do I want you to realize that your best teacher is the deepest space of your heart, and not some old ass book? You bet your sweet ass I do! The time of ignorance is fading away, it is the old paradigm, and we have now moved into the depths of compassion and love.

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


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