Hello dear brothers and sisters,

I just had a wonder-full conversation with my dad, and wanted to share some thoughts that have been swirling around my consciousness with you all.

This year I experienced quite a few people tell me that they were beginning to dislike Christmas…that they were getting worn down by the gift-buying and shopping and the superficiality of what Christmas has become in our corporate experience. So I began to ponder…

Now what Christmas truly is, is not a celebration of a child’s birth…or the celebration of a man who took away our sins. But rather, the celebration of the Divine Presence within all beings and the celebration of the man who demonstrated what we are all capable of. Christ-mass is the celebration of the Christ within the mass of humanity. The I AM Presence that is established within the heart of man. The ability to recognize Divinity, God, in all Life.

Christ-mass is the celebration of you, me, and us! Our dear brother, Jesus, showed us what we are capable of through his own recognition of this Divine Presence. When he realized that all are the children of God, that all are brothers and sisters of the One Living God, he established within his own consciousness and Being the Christ Presence. The Christ, as Jesus spoke, was not for him alone, but for the whole of humanity…”Of the works I do, ye shall do also, and greater works shall ye do…The kingdom of heaven is within man.” These were not false statements, but rather the Truth of which we are all destined to achieve.

And although our dear brother spoke of the innate Divinity of all beings, we continually refuse to accept this for ourselves. Our minds refuse to accept that we are beauty-full without measure, unbounded without borders, perfect without question and so we continue on buying gifts and going to midnight mass to follow the rules of society. On our day of the Christ-mass we exchange gifts out of necessity rather than out of joyous giving. We buy gifts because that is what is expected from our counterparts rather than giving fully from our inner depths, even if that comes in the form of a card and a hug.

Christ-mass is the celebration of US. It is the remembering of our dear brother who showed us the Way, and a reminder to seek that wisdom and Truth that Jesus cultivated within himself. For Jesus was no less human than you and me. He was born of the flesh, experienced the chaos that we all go through, and yet found that although the ocean seemed rough on the surface, as we dive deeper we find the stillness that is untouchable. Jesus showed us that within each of us is the ocean of Eternity and when we recognize that we have remembered our True Self, our Christ-Self.

On this night of Christ-mass, remember the meaning for Christ-mass. Remember what our dear brother, Jesus, showed us what we are capable of and what is the highest form of Love. To remember our inner Truth and to know that, is to establish the Christ Presence within our consciousness and Being. To be thankful for the man who came forth and demonstrated the Divinity innate within us all, and to see ourselves as He continues to see us.

For you are children of the Divine, the expression of True Love, and this day is our reminder to carry that with us for the continuation of our journey. May your hearts be filled with jubilance, joy, laughter, and Love, for that is Who-You-Are.

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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