Workout of the Day September 16, 2015


Physical Workout of the Day:


This workout is done on a continuously running clock. Start the timer and for the first 60 seconds do 1 back squat and rest the remaining time of that 60 seconds. When it hits the second minute (61-120) seconds do 2 back squats and rest the remaining time of that minute. When it hits the third minute (121-180 seconds) do 3 back squats and rest the remaining minute. The time stops when you can no longer do the amount of back squats required in the corresponding minute.

Shauna’s Rounds = 12 + 12 Reps (70 lbs)

My Rounds = 12 + 11 reps (105 lbs)

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Mental Workout of the Day:

Ecstatic Dancing

Ecstatic dancing is a mindfulness meditation. Put on your 3 favorite songs, close your eyes, and dance. Move your body with the rhythms of the music. Don’t worry about what is happening, just allow your body to move as the music infuses the cells of your body. You can do anything you want, no one will be in the room other than you. All you have to allow yourself to do is move and feel free. When the 3 songs are done just stand and feel your feet connected to the ground. Feel the energy of your body connecting you with the energy of the earth, Gaia. Stand there and feel the support of your Mother as long as you like and then you are finished with today’s workout.

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Daily Affirmation:

“What profiteth it a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”
-A Course In Miracles

You can see yesterday’s workout if you would like a process to raise your vibration into allow the abundance in all areas of your life to manifest 😉

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