6/12/15 Workout of the Day


As Many Rounds As Possible in 15 minutes:

  • 7 Push-ups or Weighted Push-ups (10-35 lb Plate)
  • 14 Back Extensions
  • 21 Double Unders or Singles with Jump Rope

My Score=10 rounds + 6 push-ups

Shaunas Score=9+18 Double Unders

Mental Workout of the Day

Today will be a meditation day. Set a timer for a minimum of 10 minutes, find a comfortable position to sit in, and take your focus to your breath. As you inhale feel the breath expand the abdomen and fill you with energy, and as you exhale collapse the abdomen and feel the weight of your body get heavier. As thoughts come just let them be and return your attention to the expansion and contraction of the abdomen.


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