Today we shall discuss Self-worth…

Now first and foremost the most important thing to finally understand and accept is that you are worthy!!! You must accept the fact that you are invaluable and that you are perfect EXACTLY as you are!! You must finally realize that you came forth as a perfect extension of the Source, which is God. You must finally realize that you did not come forth lacking anything, but rather came forth with the eagerness that you would remember through your experiences all that your soul already knows, all that your heart already knows! When you can accept, or even acknowledge that truth, then you will begin to have a much more peaceful and enjoyable time playing in your body and with your experiences.

You see, it is not that any of us are lacking anything. We are not incomplete in any way, nor are we worthless simply because we are different than what is accepted. The worthiness of your soul is unlimited! You are so incredibly worthy that the Angels bow at your feet! They thank you for having the courage to step forth into a reality in which there is so much contrast and disbelief, and ready to take your stance as a Lion of Love, a bringer of the dawn. You see, although at times you may see yourself as unworthy of another’s love, or attention, or of a particular job, or of anything else, nothing could be farther from the truth.

You are not only worthy of all the desires of your heart, but you are worthy of far greater manifestations. You are worthy of the magic of fairy tales! You are worthy of the relationship that brings the stars to its knees! You are worthy of the health and abundance that would eliminate doctors and brings millions to your beckoning! As you begin to see yourself more and a more as the Infinite soul that you are, and learn to appreciate the vessel, body, that you see, you will realize your unbounded worth.

You have never, nor will you ever be, unworthy except for in your own mind. The only person who determines your worth is you! No one else can declare for you that you are worth $10 an hour. No one else can determine if you are worthy of the perfect partner. You, and only you, can determine that and declare it to the world. 

You are the manifestation of God! Can you even fathom the depths and beauty of your being?! Can you even contemplate what that means to be an expression of the Infinite Presence which pervades all things and is all life?! How the heck can you quantify your worth when you have always been infinite?!Your beauty is beyond all time and space and your depths disappear into the Light of Life!!! You are, and forever will be, the most precious, worthy individual on this planet and it is all up to you to accept and proclaim that!

Nobody else will ever tell you that you are beautiful if you don’t first believe that! No one else will ever tell you that you deserve a wonderful career unless you first believe it! No one will ever tell you how spectacularly smart and fantastic you are if you don’t first believe it! It is no one else’s job to validate your existence! Your existence is fully dependent upon your thoughts and beliefs about yourself! 

But I want to let you know that if you are reading this that the time has come!! You are pure, perfect, Divine in every way and that your worth has never been in question! I am here to tell you that as an extension of God you deserve all the beauty your heart can imagine! I am here to tell you that not only do you deserve happiness, but that you ARE happiness embodied! That it is all up to you to determine how others should treat you and to accept nothing other than your worth! That if your job demeans your spirit that something is waiting for you to take the jump so that your soul can reach the goals it has set for you!

Continue my dear brothers and sisters and remember the calling of your heart. The calling to acknowledge your infinite beauty and the state of complete worth that is inherently yours! I Love You ❤


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