I’ve been thinking a lot lately, funny coming from me right?! You would have never guessed! And I’ve been listening quite intently as well. And I’ve come to some wonder-full insights!

You see, us, as human beings, we like to compartmentalize, we like to give labels, we like to quantify things, we like to stay in a tight little box that reduces our ability to expand! And it is so funny too, seeing as that when we were children our hearts lept at the idea of playing a game in our minds! I remember going outside in my front yard, taking my basketball, and pretending that I was the starting shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls basketball team. I remember imagining in my mind the best defensive player in the NBA guarding me and me blowing right past him every time! And somewhere along the way life became too cumbersome and I disregarded that ability.

Somewhere along the way my path seemed to darken, I began looking at the world as though I no longer had the ability to manifest my destiny, to manifest my dreams. This may have been caused by getting cancer twice, this may have been caused by watching 5 year old children die of cancer, but nonetheless I developed this perspective. And yet, all the while I was looking at this life experience as a dark and gloomy place this resilient voice within kept telling me to “buck up butter-cup!” Truthfully, there was this voice, this Presence, that would not allow me to continue on with this self-defeating attitude. This voice kept telling me to dream! It told me to believe in miracles no matter how far away they seemed! It told me to believe! Believe that this world is a decent place where we have the right to dream and the right to see them come true!!

Now, after witnessing what I have seen in my 26 years of incarnation I want to share this Truth with you! So if you have the time…please lend me your hearts…

The darkness that seems to overshadow your life may at times seem pitch black! It may seem that there is no way to obtain the job, to meet the lover, to heal the body, but I want to offer you a different perspective. You see, the world that we live in IS bright! It IS full of Light! It IS a place where dreams come true!!

The dreams that we possess were not put there for our own accord. This life IS a fairy tale, but a good story must always have some darkness to make the story interesting! Begin to see your life as a story. What story is it that you are wanting to experience? Do you want to have a healthy body? Then know that the Universe is wanting that for you! Do you want to meet a beautiful lover? Then know that the Universe wants that for you! Do you want to live in a beautiful comfortable shelter that you can call home? Then know that the Universe wants that for you!

You see, this life IS a fantasy! You might think it is real, but it is not. How do I know? Because I have lived in death, I have walked the shadows that some would call hell, and I have walked the shadows of my own mind, and you know what I found? That the Power I was looking for all along to bring me out of the darkness resided within my heart the whole time. That what I was experiencing was just a way for my soul to have a little fun, even if it didn’t always seem that fun.

I watched as the vessels of such souls deteriorated and the souls departed their bodies, I watched as the parents of those souls had their hearts broken into a million pieces because of the loss they felt, I walked and found the sadness and fear of my own heart and how I allowed it to overtake my mind…and what did I learn? That it was all part of the story!

You see, those great souls who departed their bodies did not die, nor could they ever. I speak with them ever day, I walk with them every moment, they whisper to me, “Do it for us, Zach!” They guide us, they watch over us, they give us unbeknownst inspiration, they comfort us, and they hold us in their hearts always!

No matter what you think you know, you must question deeper, we all must question deeper, myself included. I hear my friends stroke their minds with mental masturbation about how all of life is dark and we must love the darkness, and you watch as they walk in sorrow. I read and listen to brothers and sisters talk about how the world is evil, and they walk in fear. And then I see those who talk of the world as beauty, as magnificent, as glorious and they walk in joy. And I ask myself, “Well both points are valid, this is really THEIR journey, but what do I want MY story to be?”

Buddha said, “All of life is suffering.” And what he meant by that is that as we believe this story, this illusion, is real, we suffer. We hold on to our lovers and when they leave we weep, we become attached to our bodies and cry as we get older, we become attached to our cars and become angry when they break.

You see, the death that we fear is no death at all. The pain you feel is part of the story. The joy that you feel is part of the story. If you truly knew how many lives you have had in the past you would rejoice in this experience! You would frolic and laugh because you know that this experience is merely a journey, a ride, a story. One so that Source may know Itself. We are Eternal Beings come forth to experience all the ups and downs, leaps and falls, swirlys and twirlys of this reality. If you accepted that You would laugh at someone cutting you off in traffic! You would laugh at the challenge to reestablish health in your body! You would giggle when you disagreed with another! Because you would know that it is all part of the story and once you laugh it off the Eternal Presence has something right on the other side of fear for you!

The God that you fear is no God you should pray to! If you truly knew what God was you wouldn’t fight your neighbor! You would not fret over your bodies ability to heal! You would not question the miracles that are your very inheritance as a child of God! You would rejoice in the world! You would listen to that intuitive feeling within your heart because you would know that is your connection to the God-Self that you truly are! You would LOVE thy neighbor because you would see your Eternal Self in them! You would speak only kindness, you would see only joy, and you would Love all beings with all thine heart!!! And when the darkness seemed to wain on you you would be grateful! You would be grateful for the chance to believe in the miracles that want to make their way through you so that you could sing the praises of the Divine! So that you could be a perfect demonstration of what it means to be the true child of God!

Your life is a story! A story that all beings are observing and learning from! You see, as you demonstrate the miracles of faith, you teach others how to live in the Infinite Presence. As you demonstrate a life of joy, of compassion, of resiliency, of Love, you teach others how to as well! As you BE the embodiment of your Truest Power as an extension of the One True Presence you show others the way! Our dear brother Jesus has spoken, “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” He spoke of the I Am Presence of which is your soul!!! YOU are the Way! YOU are the Truth! YOU are the Life!! YOU are THAT Presence!! But you must listen…you must listen deep…and when you think you have gone deep enough…go deeper!!! Go deep enough within your Self that all illusion has faded from your mind. Recognize your God-given right as the incarnation of Spirit to live freely s you choose to live and BE that which you are!

The story is yours! It is your choice to believe what I have said…it is also your choice to disagree. For the story has and always will be yours! But you should always ask yourself…what do I want my story to be?

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


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