Tonight I want to speak on a message of unity.

My dear brothers and sisters it is not enough that we are white, black, brown, gay, straight, bi, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, tall, short, skinny, fat. It is not enough that we separate each other based upon superficiality. It is not enough because this is not who we are!

Each and every one of us incarnate on this planet, as well as the multitudes of other beings, and not who we think we are. You, in your fullness, in your Divine Presence, are that which we call God! We are the Infinite Presence which we call Spirit. Call it what you like but we are unknowable! We are the unknowable in a form that we pretend is us!

We have lost our way dear brothers and sisters. We look in the mirror and say, “This is me! Zach, this white skinned, blond haired, 6 foot tall, CrossFitter, vegan, lover of all things, raiders fan, brother, son, friend, coach, writer, speaker, grandson, blah, blah, blah.” But this is not me. These are labels I give to myself in order for me to feel a sense of identity. The name Zach was given to me by my parents. Zach is not who I am, Zach is a way to identity this form. All of the great avatars, the great saints, have said we are something more than our conscious conception, more than our labels. Rumi said we are not a drop in the ocean we are the ocean in a drop. Jesus said you are the children of divinity. Seek if you are wanting and you will find that it is said by all the great masters.

And yet we perpetuate this idea of separation. We say I am Christian and I must fight all other religions. We say I am white and I must battle those with skin different than mine. We say I am straight and being gay is wrong. And yet we so rarely look to the other and say, “I am you.”

We so rarely take the time out of our day to ask ourselves, “Who am I?” We so rarely, if ever, ask ourselves, “Who am I when my eyes are closed? When there is no sense activity occurring, who am I? Who is witnessing this experience we call reality? Who is the witness?” These can be very enlightening questions for they take us deep within the Truth of our being. They take us to the depths of our soul, to the core of all Life, which is God.

We aim so intently to define who we are because we are afraid to seek into the unknown of our hearts. I am a bitch. I am cocky. I am a tool. All of these labels we give ourselves in order to protect our hearts from the unknown, and what are the fruits of these labels, sorrow and fear. As we put labels on ourselves we disconnect ourselves from the unity of life, from the unity of all our brothers and sisters. We use labels others have perpetuated to define us and increase our separation. “I am an American and we have to protect our borders. I am a Christian and those who don’t follow the word of Christ will suffer his wrath. I am a white and those with different color deserve less.” We can see these very clearly in our every day life…so I am offering a challenge.

My challenge is to begin to ask yourself who you are. My challenge is to question the beliefs you have and ask yourself if those beliefs fit the guidance of your heart. My challenge is to go forth into your day and recognize yourself in all forms. My challenge is to walk with a Presence that goes beyond conception, a regality that only the Divine Perfection could reside within. And as you do this, to witness that regality among all your brothers and sisters. My challenge is to look into the eyes of your brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter, and observe the Eternalness in their soul. My challenge is for you to let go of everything you thought you were and become what you have always been!

It isn’t enough that you are black. It isn’t enough that you are white. It isn’t enough that you are Christian. It isn’t enough that you are Buddhist. It isn’t enough that you are gay. It isn’t enough that you are straight. It is only enough that you are Divine…pure perfect exactly as Nature made you and as you chose to come forth. You could identify with an oppressed class, but that is not you. You could identify with an oppressed race, but that is not you. You could identity with a thriving group, but that is not you. You could identify with a certain name, but that is not you. You could realize that you are nothing, and everything, and dissolve into Awareness, and you may very well find your Self.

You see, down to the atoms in our cells we all have the same atoms vibrating through us. We all breathe the same oxygen. We all live on One planet. We all live under One sky. We all share One Soul, and THAT is what you may call God, Spirit, Source, Consciousness.

We can only make changes within our consciousness if we recognize we are beyond what we conceive, that we are pure, perfect, infinite, and all beings are as well. We can only heal the world by first healing our hearts. We can only make a change when we become the change.

Do not allow the conditioning of your past determine the miracles of your future. Change your thoughts, change the world. Realize who you are.

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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