Hello my brothers and sisters of Love,

It has been quite a while since I have written and I felt there is no better time than NOW to re-establish some thoughts!

I want to start off by expressing a very important, and incredibly profound, and dare I say, absolutely eloquent, statement to those of you who will read this…CUT THE BULLSHIT!!!

You, yes you, are so brilliantly talented and gifted and glorious it is beyond words! However, there is this part of you that holds you back…it holds you back from expressing yourself truly. It holds you back from allowing yourself the time to express the honesty you feel in your heart. And this part of yourself, the ego, then makes you question that inner honesty.

You see, my close friends, my dear brothers, I notice that they put on a front in front of others but when it is time for them to express themselves truly, they do so with me in quiet. They talk loudly and boisterously around other “men” about how they enjoy sex and how they could never go a week or a month without sex, and yet when it comes down to expressing the desires of their hearts, they cower like little boys. They suddenly become weak and fragile and utter how they wish they had a lover to truly spend their nights with simply holding.

This game that we talk is childish, nay, a child is true with their feelings, they cry if they need to cry and they rejoice when Presence lifts their hearts. This game is the ego’s way of obtaining power. You must go deeper…deeper into the stillness of the ocean that you are! You are not a wave in the ocean, you ARE the ocean!

When you truly are lying with yourself at night and it is only you and Spirit, where does your mind go? Does it go to the meaningless sex that your ego craves? Look again…does it not go to those simply moments of silence with yourself and a lover? Those moments of peace when the only sounds present are the beating of your hearts in unison?

CUT THE BULLSHIT!!! The only way you will ever bring anything into your experience is being honest with yourself, and with others. As you express what your feelings truly are it echoes out into the Universe and returns back to you. When you are speaking to others about what it is you want, express it fully! There is no need for you to hold back what it is you are desiring! The Universe already knows, there is no lying to your heart! When you are able to express that towards others you no longer hold yourself in resistance to allowing that into your experience!!

BE true to yourself always!

Are you afraid to truly ask the Universe for what it is you are wanting? Are you afraid that if you express it that somehow you may be let down as you have been in the past? Do not fret my dear brothers and sisters for our Great Divine Mother will always protect us, but we must have faith in Her! Just as our physical mothers have done the best they could to nurture us and give us all we desired, so the Great One looks upon us with great Love and wishes all our dreams fulfilled!

Do not let fear overcome the desires of your heart! Express them fully! Do not hinder the creative movement of Life by disregarding the yearning of your heart! The Great Father moves through us in full abundance and wishes for our success, for that is It’s success, and the only way we resist that is through our own disbelief.

Choose to believe in miracles! Choose to believe that you are supported in all ways from the bosom of the Mother Divine! Choose to let Love overfill your heart so that each moment is recognized as a blessing and a way to fulfill the the promise of eternal blessings that we have been offered!

CUT THE BULLSHIT! There is nothing strong about choosing to disregard the yearnings of the soul! By refusing to be vulnerable you are refusing to allow yourself the hope that there are great gifts waiting for you around the corner! The refusal of hope is the same as being caught in quick sand, allowing fear and concern to drown your Essence. You must choose Love and hope! You must choose to believe that the unseen Power is the power that creates worlds, and can surely manifest your heart’s desire, as that desire was placed their by the Great Divine!

My dear brothers and sisters, CUT THE BULLSHIT! You are glorious extensions of the One True Presence! Whether you wish to accept it or not, that is who you are and who you will always be! You cannot keep out perfection if you will allow it to come to you! Be honest with yourself, be vulnerable, and be honest with others! You will not remember the moments of trickery or falsity. You will remember the moments when in spite of all those that opposed the yearning of your heart, you held true to the belief in miracles! You will remember the times when the whole world opposed you, and you chose to follow the guidance within and from there observed the glory of the Infinite! You will remember the moment when you decided to say hi and watched the bounty of Divinity fall upon your life!!

My dear brothers and sisters, follow the call of your soul, leave behind the fears of yester-year, and allow the blessings that have always been yours! I Love You all so very dearly! You are my family! We are One!

With All My Love,
Zach IAM ❤ ❤ ❤


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