LET ME…Ode to Her


Let me be enveloped in your essence,
To be surrounded and nourished in our complete presence.
Not knowing past or future,
But experiencing US in Eternity.

Let me taste of your beauty,
Through a gentle caress we swim through ecstasy.
Your eyes like the sea,
Gazing deeper only to find depths never realized.

Let me take hold of your heart,
Put your faith in me, as we journey through Infinity.
Walk side by side, heart by heart,
Sauntering in Ultimate Union.

Let me guide us through a journey of our Selves,
Holding me tight, we dance within Bliss.

Let me have you as my gift,
Each breathe we tip-toe through the forest of Consciousness.

Let me bask in the scent of your Spirit,
Enveloped in the glory that is You.
Smelling the sweetness within the Garden of your Soul.

Let me worship every crevasse of your Truth,
Constantly getting lost only to find stability once more.

Let me honor every inch of your Temple,
Exploring every scar, every freckle, every hair,
Raiding your body 1000 times only to find myself searching deeper.

Let me stroke every particle of your mind,
Exposing your fears, knowing your pains,
Only to guard them with my undying Love.

Let me praise your Goddess,
So that my God can know True ecstasy that only You can awaken.

Let me have you now, fully, present,
So that our Love makes the Angels sing.

Let me be yours,
For you will never want again.


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