Where Is OUR Compassion? (Somehwere Within You You Know)


I want to preface this by saying this may very well be the most inarticulate and aggressive blog I have ever written. I write this with a heavy heart. Hurting for my animal brothers and sisters as well as questioning my human brothers and sisters.

I just finished watching 2 videos. The first with a 2 year-old girl being hit by a car and having bystander after bystander walk and drive by her for roughly 5 minutes before anyone took the time to see if she was injured…which she was by the way and did die. The second video had to do with animal abuse at rodeos. Now the only question I could ask myself is, “Where has OUR compassion gone? Where has our humanity gone?”

Each and every human being is a perfect extension of that which we call God, or Spirit, or Source, EVERY…SINGLE…ONE…and yet we refuse to acknowledge that. How far we have fallen as human beings! We are made in the image and likeness of the Creator, absolute extensions of the Creator, and yet look at how we treat our Earth, our animals, each other!! We poison our Earth, our Mother, with gas and chemicals, and pollute Her rivers and waters with our “technology!” We kill living beings for food! We take life not understanding what it is we do because supermarkets prepare it all nicely for us so we don’t have to consider the fact that the meat we ingest was once part of a Divine extension of Source just as well. We kill each other over beliefs, over ideas, over resources, over false power, over WHAT?!

Each and every single human on this Earth is a Divine extension of God, every single animal on this earth is a Divine extension of God, each and every tree and plant is a Divine extension of God, and yet we walk this Earth never appreciating what our Mother does for us! Not knowing that the very ground we walk in provides that life force that nourishes our very vessels. Not understanding that our sins come not because we are born sinners, but because we refuse to listen to the Divine guidance that is our True Self. We are sinners because we learn to sin! We take life because we learn to take life!! We refuse to acknowledge our Divinity because others tell us we are limited! We refuse to walk this Earth as if each step we take is a blessing! We refuse to walk this Earth and acknowledge that every bug, plant, and animal that we encounter is Spirit in a different form! We refuse to see Spirit within each other, and look at what we have accomplished!

Wars, fear, killing, greed, murder, cruelty, pain, sorrow, all because we REFUSE to acknowledge who we all are. If Jesus, or Buddha, or Krishna, or any religious Teacher were to come forth and look at our actions and words toward each other and this planet, what do you think they would say?! I am doing my best to be compassionate, and I understand we all have our journey to take, but WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE OUR DIVINITY?!?!

What is wrong with accepting the fact that you are God?! Is it because it is sac-religious? Is it because a book written thousands of years ago, and changed countless times by fear-full men, and used to enslave humanity, says it is wrong? What is wrong with accepting the fact that we are all connected?! That we are all in this together!? That we are all extensions of One Soul looking at ourselves through a different perception?! Why is that so difficult to even ponder?! Ask yourself!!!

Why are we so mean to each other? Why do we refuse to look each other in the eyes and smile? Why do we constantly cast judgement on each other based on appearances or beliefs or whatever the case may be? Am I casting judgement right now? Probably. But do I cast judgement for our upliftment? Probably.

We have fallen so far as a collective. Can you imagine what it will be like when we re-emerge into our True form, our Soul Self, and realize how ridiculous our words and actions were? Can you put yourself into that place of BEing in complete Harmony with God and having that understanding that we are all One? Or are you afraid to do that? Are you afraid to take that step to even ponder that it is not blasphemy to acknowledge that you are an extension of Perfection, and that all other beings are as well? Why are you afraid? Is it because of what you have been reading in a 2 thousand year-old book for the last how ever many years and somehow think you will be punished by some outside force, or is it because you refuse to forgive yourself for your past actions and words and need “something else” to forgive you?

And I know that we are awakening as a collective, not just America, or North America, but as a global society. And I know that we are evolving consciously as a whole, I just still see so much fear and hate and anger coming from my brothers’ and sisters’ words and actions and I wonder when we will all decide that killing another living being, including the Earth, is not part of our intention as Spiritual BEings entering into our physical vessels.

For anyone who reads this, there is no need to respond to this, these are all rhetorical questions from within You. These questions are not my questions, these are OUR questions. Somewhere within you you know that taking life is not why you are here. Somewhere within you you know that intentionally harming anything else through words or actions is not why you are here. Somewhere within you you know that we are all One. Somewhere within you you know that it is our task to change the world as a collective. Somewhere within you you know that the lies we have been told all our lives are false. Somewhere within you you know that all the answers lie within your heart and it is your task to awaken them. Somewhere within you you know that each and every one of us is an extension of Spirit. Somewhere within you you know that these words are YOURS!

We MUST regain our compassion, our understanding of who we are. THAT is OUR task and only through our thoughts, words, and actions can we make a change. By listening to heart we will regain our compassion. By listening to that inner voice we will regain our compassion. Our Mother Earth cannot sustain such cruelty, if we do not look in the mirror and make the change that we all want, who knows what the consequences will be.

Our task is to BE that which we are. OUR task is to BE Love. And through that BEing we can overflow to each other and all living BEings. Let us awaken our inner knowing and LIVE that Life fully.

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


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