Faith In Your Highest Self


As I’m sitting here, looking at pictures of a 2 year-old boy currently going through what I went through 9 years ago, I ask God, Source, Infinite Presence, what can I do to help this beautiful boy? What can I do to heal this beautiful extension of Divinity? If his parents asked me how I got through it, how would God answer through me? And the answer Source whispered to me was, “Have Faith.”

As most of you who read these know, I am not a religious man. I find myself to be a journeyer, learning from not only great Masters, but Nature, and everyone I meet. Even if you are an atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, Hindu, Taoist, whatever you label yourself as, what all religions teach is Faith.

What would I say to a family who was experiencing such difficulty as a serious health condition, “Have Faith.” Somewhere within each and every one of us is the Divine Flame. It cannot be found through scientific means, but only be felt by a seeker of peace and harmony. It is not blind faith, where you just allow your life to be dictated by a supposed higher power or being. It is a knowing within yourself that what you desire, a healthy child, is exactly what God wants for you and to Know that the Mother-Father WILL heal your child.

I only say this because as I went through my experiences the only choice I had was to listen to one of the 2 voices within me. I had one voice saying, “This is too hard we won’t make it. We should just call it quits. You’ll never get better,” the voice of the ego. The other voice proclaimed, “You can overcome this. I am with you always and you will be healed if you walk the path. I have already healed you but you must make the choice yourself,” the voice of Divinity within me. At the time I didn’t understand how important my decision would be, but I KNEW that beyond a doubt I would soon be free from any dis-ease.

I want to share something very profound that was given to me by the Masters. It is the statement that the very reason that you have the desire for something is that it already exists. We can not want air if it did not exist. In this reality of duality we have 2 sides of the coin, yet in totality we just have a coin. So, if one side of the coin is in existence, the other side of the coin is equally in existence. It is just that we have been focusing so much on the tails-side of the coin that we have forgotten to turn the coin over and look at the heads-side. We keep looking at the tails-side and say, “This is reality! Look! You can see it just as readily as I can!” But if you no longer desire to experience the tails-side, if the tails-side has run its course, all we have to do is flip it over, and we do that through our awareness.

Faith enters in to this because although we flip the coin over it will take a little time to fully see the heads-side. But the very reason you want to have a child healthy, or for you to be healthy, or whatever the desire, is because that part of you that is God is telling you that it is time to turn the coin over. That the coin is much more shiny on the heads-side and you have the power to experience that if you would just turn the coin over. We must have Faith that it will BE our experience if we can pay attention to the heads-side.

Faith is our greatest lesson. It is repeated in all scriptures, in every religion. Jesus said, “If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” The mustard seed knows that it will soon sprout into a beautiful plant, far greater than anything it could comprehend. It is understanding that the inner impulse you have, the desire you possess, is not coming from your mind, but coming from the Highest part of You. For we are all Source, we are all God.

I say these words to you from an experience that could have only been conquered through Faith. Faith in myself that I was strong enough to endure the storms, and even greater, Faith in the Love that we all are in our complete awareness. We ALL possess this. Choose Faith. Choose Love. Embody Love, and walk with Faith, and all things will soon be yours.

This is Law.

“Desire ye what ye will, and behold, it standeth before thee. Throughout the aeons it is has been thine without thy knowing, e’en though thou hast but just asked for it.”

With All My LOVE,
Zach IAM


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