We’re Broccoli Baby!!!

When you look at a whole broccoli, you see that as you look closer there are little branches that form as part of, and make, the whole broccoli…then as you look closer you see that there are branches off the branches…and then branches off of branches…then finally the little flowers at the end of those branches. All the while each branch a miniature expression of the bigger branch, an exact replica, just happens to look smaller. Each one of us are those flowers! You can look at yourself and say, “Hey I’m just a flower.” But you are so much more! You’re the whole broccoli…we all are!!! We’re just smaller perfect replicas of the image that is the whole! We’re broccoli baby!!!! You can either see yourself as the flower or the broccoli…always your choice!

The things that Spirit shows me when I cook! Hahaha!! ♥

With All My Love,

Zach IAM


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