Do You Ever Wonder Why?


Do you ever wonder why people do drugs? Do you ever wonder why people become addicted to things? Do you ever wonder why there are so many people homeless or living in poverty? Do you ever wonder why people sell drugs? Do you ever wonder why things are happening to so many? Have you ever spoken and actually had a conversation with a homeless person? Have you ever spoken with a young man forced to sell drugs because he was born into a family in South Central L.A. and was told that he was stupid, so he entered into the family business, gangs, and met people that he felt were like him and could bond with (people who were also called stupid)?

It is not enough that we accept what the TV tells us. It is not enough that we hide our Light because we are afraid to go against the status-quo. It is not enough that we shy away from others with dominant opinions even if that opinion insults not only our souls, but also our brothers and sisters. Question…question absolutely everything if it does not resonate with your heart. Do not just accept it because it sounds good. Accept it because it resonates with your soul.

You are here in this moment! You chose to be here in this moment in time to make a change! We are here Now, at a shift in the consciousness of humanity! It is our very purpose, our duty, to awaken! We chose NOW! We said we would enter into this reality and be a guiding Light for all our brothers and sisters! Those of you reading this KNOW that! You feel that with every fiber of your being as you read these words! You chose NOW!

If you feel you have not remained on that path, that is okay! Because NOW you are aware of that, and NOW you can step right back on! We are here to realign with our understanding of who we really are, and see that in all our brothers and sisters as well! Because our brother made bad choices does not make him a bad person…he may not have had the tools to see other options. Our brother Jesus said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Our brother Jesus, a great master, showed us the way. He showed us the way to recognize our Divinity as he recognized His! Each and every one of us are on our own unique journey of remembering that we are Divine, eternal beings! We are all climbing to the mountain peak and each and every one of us is starting at a different point at the bottom. And as such, we must remember that we need not judge our brother or sister, but see the Divinity that resides in them as it dwells within us!

My dear family, we are here NOW to awaken. To look past the illusion that our worth is dependent upon the job we have, the car we drive, the money in our bank account, the clothes we wear, the home we reside in. For when we leave these physical bodies behind we will understand that our worth was never dependent upon these things. Our worth has never been in question to our Higher Self! Through the eyes of our ascended brothers and sisters, through the eyes of Divine Principle, our worth has always been in perfect standing. And it is our job to remember that!

Your worth has never been in question!! It is our job to see that in ourselves and in all our brothers and sisters. Do not be afraid to ask why things are happening…but when you ask why, go as deep into the question as possible. Why did someone murder? Was he abused as a child and watched his mother raped? Why did someone steal? Was he starving and the only way to feed himself was to steal? None of these reasons makes any of it okay, but with an understanding comes compassion. Ask these questions the next time to recognize yourself passing judgement. We are not here to judge, we are here to awaken and correct the injustices that have occurred in this reality for far too long. History continues to repeat itself if we do not open our eyes. Choose to be your our guiding Light!

Declare to yourself that you will no longer accept something until it resonates with your heart. Declare to yourself that you will awaken and see past the illusion that is perpetuated in a limited mind-set. Declare to yourself that you will smile at every one of your brothers and sisters because they ARE a part of you. Declare to yourself that you will be of service to humanity by aligning with your True Self. Declare to yourself that you will realize your own Divinity and go forth into the world with that presence.

Our time is NOW! Now we must affect the outcome of this world. Now we must go forth into our communities and make a change no matter how small or big that might be. Now is the time to BE the change we wish to see in this world! It is all NOW my dear family! I hope to those that read these words you see that these are your words. They are the words of your own soul. BE the Light you know within that you are! Shine so bright that no darkness can come close to you and you Light the way for others! This is OUR task! We will succeed! I Love you all!!!

With All My Love,

Zach IAM


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