Workout of the Day July 7, 2015

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Physical Workout of the Day:

4 Rounds:

Set a timer for 60 seconds with 15 seconds of rest. For the 60 second interval do as many of the first exercise as possible, when then the beep hits rest the 15 seconds and repeat until all of the exercises are complete as such. Repeat this cycle 4 rounds.

Mental Workout of the Day:

Visualizing Your Desires 

For today’s meditation we will practice putting ourselves in the place of already having achieved our desires. Seeing as that all of our realities are fully and truly just a manifestation of what is happening internally with us, we are going to aim to direct that reality into experiencing something magical.

You can set a 10 minute alarm for this or you can simply do it as long as you please. Finding either a comfortable laying or seated position, close your eyes and begin to imagine something that you have been thinking about recently, it could be a new relationship, better physical health, a better career path, but imagine yourself being in that situation. If at first this is difficult, say to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” and follow with the desired situation until you are able to see yourself in the circumstance you are wanting. Once you are there, play with what it feels like to be in the relationship, or having the partner, or going to work at your desired career path. FEEL how wonderful it is to be living in the experience! Stay there as long as you like and/or move on to a new desired outcome. Once you feel complete, just sit or lay there for a few minutes and let it sink in to your consciousness. Feel how amazing it is to be living such a life. When you open your eyes, know that you have set an energetic wave in motion which is attracting the exact desires and manifestations into your life.

Daily Prayer, Life Coach Reno Life Coaching

Daily Prayer:

“Oh Great Spirit, show me the infinite blessings that permeate through your all-Loving heart. Teach me through the guidance of my own heart, that Love is the ultimate gift. Thank you for your reminder of my eternal presence as an extension of You.”

You can see yesterday’s workout if you are wanting a fun game to raise your vibration and prepare you for your waiting manifestations 😉

If you liked this workout, feel free to contact me with any questions regarding life coaching and personal training services I offer…


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