Thank You For Being You!!!


I just want to acknowledge how beautiful you are! YES YOU! You reading this right now! You are so incredibly beautiful and perfect it makes me want to cry! Don’t look at yourself and see ugly, or fat, or skinny, or wrinkly, or oily, or anything! Just look at yourself and see the beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, special spiritual being that you are! You chose to come forth into THIS body! You chose to enter into this physical life experience as a perfect expression of the Divine…and YOU ARE!!!

You are SO beautiful it is beyond words! The things I am saying do not even come close the the beauty that you possess!! You are perfect just as you are! You are not flawed, or broken, or a mistake maker, or any of that! You are a journeyer, a warrior, an experiencer, a perfect resemblance of our Mother/Father, God. Oh, my dear brothers and sisters, just being you makes this world so incredibly wonderful! Just being you makes the world brighter!

You must know that! You must know that because of you and what you have to offer this world all of humanity is inspired! You are so amazingly gorgeous that our Angel brothers and sisters look at you in awe at what you have accomplished and how strong you are! Know that! Oh my family, my Spirit siblings, your Love knows no bounds! And each smile and laugh radiates through each soul! Oh, if only you knew how beautiful you are!

Each breath you take, the world expands in unison with you! Oh, how lovely and perfect you are! And I just want to acknowledge that and let you know what a wonderful job you are doing! You are experiencing, getting dirty, falling down and getting up, journeying, constantly moving forward no matter how little, and you do it all with a grace that lifts humanity! Oh, how special you are! How special we ALL are! Thank you for being you! It is an honor to know you and to be a part of your growth and beauty!!! I Love You all so very much!!! ❤

With All My Love,

Zach IAM


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