I’m Only Human…..SAY WHAT?!


We have all heard the saying, “I’m only human, I make mistakes.” We use this statement as if being human has a limited meaning to it. As if being human we are somehow less than the Creator. Is it not stated that man is made in the image and likeness of God? In Old Sanskrit likeness means exactness. Man is the exactness of God…man is God.

“I’m only human,” we say, as if that is a bad thing. What, you’re only an extension of the Divine?! What, you’re only perfection expressed in a physical temple?! What, you’re only the True expressor of Love?! We ARE God, and that is somehow a negative thing?

And then we claim that we “make mistakes.” When you think about it, what is a mistake? Is it not simply an experience? It is merely an experience that you deemed to be negative somehow, that you may or may not have consciously learned from. Yet, all in all, it was only an experience. And then you berate yourself for having done something that you felt was less than what you were worthy of doing. Or you keep your attention focused on this experience that didn’t feel great while you experienced it. My dear brothers and sisters, you never could, nor ever will, make a mistake.

We don’t make mistakes we just have experiences. That is it. Yet if you allow yourself to believe the ideas put forth by others that you are somehow a sinner, or by having a certain experience you are bad, then you are a slave. You become a slave to others through your lack of acknowledgement that you are wholly and truly Divinity having experiences.

Can you see this? Can you look past the beliefs that have restrained you for so long and acknowledge your True beauty? Can you look beyond the idea that you are somehow less than the Creator? Why would an Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, all-Loving Presence create you as a limited being that would walk around messing up? Why would you choose to come forth as an expression of this Creator in a limited form? We are not limited in our True state. We become limited through our lack of acknowledging Who We Are and why we are here.

What if on your very first day of birth you were told that the name human meant a perfect expression of God? That you, and all your earth brothers and sisters were not only able, but destined, to express Love, Light, and Truth fully? That you were the conduit through which Divinity moved? That you are God, experiencing this reality through a physical vessel in order to expand the Cosmos and learn? That each moment through your life experience would allow you to learn, to remember? That every experience would be a glorious reminder of the Presence that pervades all things, that You are? That each time you acted from the ego, not your heart, you would be reminded of how to act from the heart?

How would you interpret the world differently if you were told these things? How would you have lived your life? Now that you hear these words that resonate with your soul, how will you interpret the world differently? How will you live your life?

We can look back on our lives saying, “Man, I made a lot of mistakes in my life,” and you can choose to realize how you’ve grown from those, or you can see that you are still unforgiving of yourself. But when we realize that we didn’t come to this reality to play it safe, that we came to get dirty, to have our hearts uplifted, to have our hearts hurt, to laugh, to cry, to smile, to jump up and down, to fall over, to inadvertently say something, to apologize for it, to laugh uncontrollably, to bear hug like nobody’s business, to sing out of tune, to kiss passionately, and most of all to BE Love, that is when we can look back and say, “Geez, I had quite a life, abundant with fruitful experiences!”

We are here now, having experiences. There is no need to judge them, that is not our purpose. We’re here to experience this reality to its fullness as an extension of the One. Each moment is blessed as we are blessed. Until next time my dear brothers and sisters. ❤

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


2 thoughts on “I’m Only Human…..SAY WHAT?!

  1. This is an amazing post. It has some very crucial points to it we over look every day of our lives. Perceptions like this is what brings hope for tomorrow world. God bless and please, keep writing.

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