Workout of the Day October 21, 2015


Physical Workout of the Day:

Set a timer to go off every minute, and go directly from one exercise to the next until you are complete with the sit-ups.

Shauna’s Weight = (25 lb KB)

My Weight = (40 lb KB)

Spiritual Workout of the Day:

Mantra Meditation

Today’s workout is for aligning with a single pointed mindset through our meditation. The 3 mantras to choose from during this meditation will be “I AM,” “I am Love,” or “I am protected.” For this meditation find a comfortable sitting position or lying position. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes and start it. Uncross all of your limbs and close you eyes. Bring your awareness to your breath and begin feeling the rise and fall of your abdomen, breathing in and out through your nose. Your focus for the first few minutes will be on allowing your breath to move from your chest and into your abdomen. Do not control the depth or speed of your breath, allow it to be, yet simply guide its movement from the chest and move it into the belly. Once the breath has moved into the belly you will begin your mantra. For the first mantra, as you inhale you will say “I” and as you exhale saying “AM.” For the second and/or third mantra, as you inhale you will say ” I am” and as you exhale you will say “Love/protected” depending on which mantra you choose is right for you today. Continue with that pattern until your timer goes off.

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Daily Affirmation:

“The reason you want anything is because you believe in the having of it you will feel more joy. So instead of waiting for the desire to manifest, just focus on the joy. Do things that you love…dance, take a nap, meditate, go for a walk, kiss your love, pet your furry companion. Feel joy and the desire will show up.”

You can see yesterday’s workout for a releasing process in which you can connect with your Divine Feminine essence and allow any gunned up energy be released 😉

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