Workout of the Day September 7, 2015


Physical Workout of the Day:

Shauna’s weight/My weight = (65-100 lbs)

Keep a running clock for 12 minutes. You can also set a stop watch or timer to go off every minute for 12 minutes. Do the 5 power cleans and 10 push-ups as fast as possible in each minute and rest the remaining time of each minute. If you do not complete the required reps in the minute the penalty will be 5 Burpees per missed minute.

Mental Workout of the Day:

100 Things I’m Grateful For…

Today’s process is strictly to help raise our vibrational rate so that we can allow the flow of love and appreciation to dominate our cells and allow the law of attraction to bring us more things to be grateful for, and to begin to restructure the neuron cross-bridges in our brain.

Get out a piece of paper and expect to do this process for roughly 10-20 minute. At the top of the page write, “100 Things I’m Grateful For…” and begin. You don’t have to be elaborate with what you’re grateful for but do your best to specific, such as “My ability to move my body and exercise,” rather than just “health” or “exercise.” Write until you have your 100 things to be grateful for. If you just can’t think of things to be grateful for, write as many as you can and then come back to it later in the day. This process moves your attention toward points of gratitude, and by the law of attraction, this will bring other thoughts similar to it into your awareness. Also, this will soften our vibration so that we open the door to the things we have been waiting for, and that the Almighty has been pushing into our experience.

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Daily Affirmation:

“Life is funny. Life is centered around attraction so you can never truly resist anything. In avoiding illness you find more, in fighting against oppression more comes about, in pushing against poverty more people become homeless. You can run away from fear or run to Love, its your choice…but whether you like it or not you’ll end up where you’re focused.”

You can see yesterday’s workout if you would like a process to connect to your Divine Feminine and let your body move and shake out any stuck energy 😉

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in life coaching and personal training services I offer…


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