Workout of the Day July 9, 2015

Health & Wellness

Physical Workout of the Day:

50-40-30-20-10 reps of each exercise for time:

You will perform all 50 walking lunges, then proceed to do 50 box jumps at your chosen height, and finish with 50 sit-ups. You will continue this will the remaining 40, 30, 20, and 10 reps.

Mental Workout of the Day:

Sing & Jump…

Today’s mental workout is for the releasing of any stagnant energy. Turn on your favorite song, or favorite song at the moment, and sing your heart out! There is a reason they say to sing your heart out and that is because in the expression of your creative energy you are aligning with your heart. You are unifying the creative energies of the mind, body, and soul and giving the gift of expressing them out into the ethers, even if it happens in your own room. As you sing I want you to jump around and dance. Shake all the stuck energy out of your body and just let it all out! If you feel that you’re acting silly, good! You should act as is appropriate to you! Today is just about letting go, and that will happen through the expression of song and dance! ❤

Daily Prayer, Life Coaching Reno, Zach Tavcar

Daily Prayer:

“Infinite Father, teach me to be true to thy all-encompassing Love. Teach me to live from the seat of my soul and not the illusion of my mind. Remind me of the beauty that surrounds me, and unites us all. I thank you for your eternal blessings of Love.”

You can see yesterday’s workout if you are wanting a fun gratitude writing process to raise your vibration and prepare you for your awaited blessings 😉

If you liked this workout, feel free to contact me with any questions regarding in-person or online life coaching and personal training services I offer…


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