How Much Are You Worth?


Hello my Lovelies,

As a fitness trainer it becomes quite comedic, and also sad, at the excuses I hear for not either wanting to exercise, eat healthy, or simply even purchase a gym membership. It seems that society and all it’s entertainment tools have really caused the majority of humanity to become a lazy, uneducated, lazy, lazy, did I say lazy? culture.

As most of you who read these posts know that I do my best to always see the larger picture, but I hope that those of you who read this take this into consideration.

My first and most important question is, “How much are you worth?” Honestly…how much do you feel you and your body are worth? $50? $1,000? $1,000,000? Priceless? I ask this because I hear all the time, “Gyms are just so expensive!…Personal Training is just so expensive!!…Eating healthy is just so expensive and I don’t like cooking!!!” And my question to you is…”Well, are you and your body worth being expensive or are you and your body not worth much?”

This body that you have, this vessel, will be the vessel you carry with you forward into the rest of this life experience. The cells in your body will replicate daily. The food that you ingest will become those new cells. The daily exercise you partake in will make those cells become either lazy and weak or vibrant and strong. Those cells not only will be made from the food you consume, but the old cells will also be affected either beneficially or not so benefically by the food you consume.

Another question I’d like to ask is, “Do you know which foods allow your cells to be affected beneficially? Do you know what type of exercises and programming will allow your body to be affected beneficially?” If you do, congratulations, you’re in the 5% of people that actually LIKE their vessels. If you don’t but heard that a new herb will help you lose those 25 lbs instead of changing how you live your life, then do you boo boo.

If I sound cynical, then this message is coming across correctly. šŸ˜‰ If you get sick where do you typically go? If your car breaks down where do you typically go? If you need your teeth cleaned where do you typically go? Do you get my point? šŸ˜‰

Exercise comes in all forms! Dancing, yoga, basketball, soccer, football, crossfit, weight lifting, running, martial arts, playing tag, jumping on the jungle gym, so many modalities to be active! Why are there gyms? Because majority of the time those gyms have a variety of those modalities to choose from. But is $25/month too much to spend so that you can start moving your body again, and use it to experience life?

Is a few hundred dollars per month too expensive if the tools you will learn will help you live a more proficient life? Think about it? Truly think about it? “Is $500 worth gaining the knowledge I need so that I can help my body become the beauty-full vessel I’ve always wanted? I am worth $500 when the information I learn will allow me to live a fuller, more enjoyable, care-free life? Or will I just keep moseying around like I have been for the past 15 years being unhappy, sad, depressed, afraid of life, feeling gross in my vessel?”

Truly think about those questions! HOW MUCH ARE YOU WORTH?! If you knew that you were here in this Earth experience to run around, be playful, live WITH Nature, jump, dance, sing, frolic, sprint, fall down, roll around, bump your knee, do the splits, do a somersault, climb the trees, chase your beauty-full animal friends, wrestle, spin around, just all the amazing crazyily beauty-full experiences of being human, would $500 be worth doing those things again?

I know that you are priceless! I know that each and every one of you has not one dollar sign upon you because of Who You Are, Spirit! But your TV has caused you to forget that! Your commercials have caused you to forget how good eating from the earth feels! Your bibles and books have said you need to grow up, when you were BORN to play!! Your doctors have said, “It’s just part of getting old!” When deep within you you know that you are forever Eternal! That you are first and foremost a child of Source, yes…a CHILD! Not an adult of God! Not a grown-up of Source! A child!

In the eyes of the Creator you are forever priceless! The question is…are you willing to look at yourself as priceless? Are you willing to say, “Oh $25/month to go and play with some toys everyday so that I am living happily, of course!” Ask yourself how much you’re worth…when you find that number multiply it by Divine and you’ll have your answer!

I wish you all well so that you live your lives full of health and with the reminder of why you are here!! Live life like a game and no matter what the outcome, it will always have been worth it!!

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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