Return To Innocence

Many think that adulthood is the opposite of childhood. That in moving through life experience one must become hardened, smarter, more methodical. We do not realize that that in itself is what is deteriorating our body temple. That is why so many Masters say that we must return to a child-like state. In order to BE at peace we must return to a state of innocence. To begin to experience this reality anew. To begin to view the world with a sense of wonder, of non-judgement. To fully experience your now. To live with a heart of faith and trust. This does not mean to act immaturely…it means to see the world with the beauty that it possesses, while walking with the maturity you have awakened. Our lives are journeys, journeys through many paths, and as each of us walk our path we can choose to walk stiffly through the forest complaining all the way until we reach the end, or we can bask in the trees, sunlight, and beauty that surrounds us each step of the way. It is all a journey, how to you want to experience it? ♥

All My Love,

Zach IAM ❤


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